Who We Are

Environmental Solutions Consulting provides a performance based service with the potential to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency by focusing entirely on solid waste and recycling. Our comprehensive analysis uncovers and identifies areas in which quantifiable savings can be effected and immediately impact your bottom line.

We have saved clients from 10% to 70% on waste spend, although the analysis has value no matter what the result. Either we will determine that costs can be reduced, or find that your current arrangements are close to, or are optimally efficient.

The service has multiple benefits. Primary among them, the analysis is risk free. There is no capital requirement; instead, we share in the savings. In addition, our process does not involve your time or that of your staff; we work on your behalf.

Another is the “green” aspect .Environmental awareness is high, and motivates consumers across many sectors. While most measures come at some expense, we deliver a credible green credential at no cost.
Finally, many businesses, faced with the challenging economic conditions of the past few years, have had to make tough cost cutting decisions. The opportunity to do so without having to make corresponding cuts in personnel, service, or programs is particularly appealing.

We are a local affiliate of Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS), a waste auditing firm in business since 1994. With a network of over 500 trained and certified national affiliates , Principals with  over 30 years  combined experience in the solid waste and recycling industry and an extensive continually updated data base; our ability to serve local and national clients is unparalleled.

Our structure gives us the flexibility to work for national companies, single location businesses and everything in between. No matter what the level of complexity our process and attention to detail is the same. We are dedicated to helping our clients save their money and time while investigating ways to lessen their environmental impact.