What You Should Know

The waste and recycling industry is complex and continually evolving. There is an overwhelming amount of information, technological innovation, new markets for recycled material and other developments.The time spent to research and evaluate what is meaningful to your organization would probably be  better spent elsewhere,unless it’s your first priority.

That’s where we come in.

We can begin the process immediately and proceed in the background . Essentially, the choice is one of deciding whether to devote the people and resources needed to do your own audit, or let us do it for you, at no cost.

  • We do on site auditing of your waste and recycling receptacles which provides fundamental information
  • The majority of businesses we audit have saved money and in many cases the savings have been significant.
  • We arenot a waste hauling company. Hauling is only one variable in a comprehensive analysis. There are many aspects contributing to waste disposal and recycling; we look at them all.
  • Hiring us requires no funding or capital outlay, and working with us does not require your time or that of your staff.
  • We do not get paid unless we save you money.

On an ongoing basis:

  • We maintain close management of recycling commodity indexes and related pricing indexes.
  • Save your valuable time by verifying all landfill costs, local cost variables, and government regulated mandates.
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating costs related to review of multiple waste disposal  invoices.
  • Manage and continuously update our data.
  • Remain committed to reducing your operating costs, identifying cost reductions  that will not involve corresponding cuts, and combining increased environmental responsibility with real bottom line savings.

Additional information about EWS is available at  www.wasteconsulting.com. Client testimonials are particularly informative.