Q: What happens if you cannot save us money?
If we cannot make a difference of at least 10%, we will walk away. But, you will know that your current arrangements are effective.

Q: How much time will this take?
The actual analysis can take from 30-120 days, depending on theĀ  complexity of the project.

Q: Will our hauler change?
Only if that is something you want. Because we are not a hauler, our objective is to maintain your existing relationships. And, remember that we will present recommendations, but only implement those that you approve.

Q: What is the difference between you and a broker?
While a broker specializes in negotiating price and rates, we take a more holistic approach. Price is certainly part of our process, but typically accounts for only a portion of the overall savings.

Q: What happens once the strategies are implemented?
We continue to monitor your account during the term of our agreement to see that our initial recommendations are effective. In addition, we will track changes in volume and types of waste and recyclables at existing sites, and if requested, will look at new sites and handle or advise on contract negotiations.

Q: What type of business would benefit from this service?
Any business that is paying for solid waste removal and recycling treatment.

Q: We currently have an agreement in place with a hauler. How does that impact your services?
Most of our clients do have agreements in place. Analyzing your existing agreements and negotiating new ones is one aspect of the service we provide.

Q: What trash haulers do you work with?
Quite simply, yours. Our analysis is the same no matter what company or companies are involved.

Q: Can you help us with specialty waste?
Yes, we have experience with most waste streams including bio hazard and haz mat.